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The Souljazz Orchestra
Chaos Theories

The Souljazz Orchestra 'Chaos Theories'

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Track Listing

A1 Charlie Foxtrot 04:11
A2 Police the Police 03:49
A3 House of Cards 05:11
A4 Boat Rockers 04:49
A5 Sky High 04:21

B1 War Games 04:05
B2 General Strike 04:25
B3 Slumlord 05:31
B4 Well Runs Dry 08:36
1. Charlie Foxtrot 04:11
2. Police the Police 03:49
3. House of Cards 05:11
4. Boat Rockers 04:49
5. Sky High 04:21
6. War Games 04:05
7. General Strike 04:25
8. Slumlord 05:31
9. Well Runs Dry 08:36

The album takes the listener from carefully targeted sonic missiles to more reflective thought-provoking moments. ‘Police The Police’ starts the offensive: “I wrote this after my neighbour was beaten to death by Ottawa police during an arrest,” explains Chrétien. “The authorities downplayed the incident and the officers were working the next day like nothing had happened.” ‘House Of Cards’ takes a thinly veiled swipe at the current US administration on an infectious disco groove: “lies within lies within lies… like so many Russian dolls”; ‘Boat Rockers’ challenges us all to look beyond accepted norms and ‘General Strike’ documents the frustrations of the working class as the pay gap gets increasingly wider; ‘Slumlord’ shines the spotlight on dodgy landlords while the brilliant closer ‘Well Runs Dry’ laments modern day living, with its confused pace and mundane obsessions, remembering simpler days gone by. 




Released September 13, 2019

2019, Strut Records - a division of K7 Music GmbH

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