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Track Listing

A1 Yeanoh (Powe Handa Blingabe) 5:28
A2 Belle Wahalla 5:27
A3 Thank You Mama 4:54

B1 Titi Dem Too Service 5:21
B2 Don Don Mi Money 5:44
B3 Thogolingo Dembi Na 3:53

C1 You Wan Married? 4:18
C2 Geibai Gpanga Ne Gna 4:39
C3 Kondi Instrumental 2:44

D1 Without Money, No Family (Chief Boima Remix) 5:36
D2 Thogolobea (Lv Remix) 4:15
D3 Y’alimamy (Chief Boima Remix) 5:29
Yeanoh (Powe Handa Blingabe) 5:30
Belle Wahalla 5:30
Thank You Mama 4:56
Titi Dem Too Service 5:23
Don Don Mi Money 5:47
Thogolingo Dembi Na 3:55
You Wan Married? 4:20
Geibai Gpanga Ne Gna 4:42
Kondi Instrumental 2:46
Without Money, No Family (Chief Boima Remix) 5:38
Thogolobea (Lv Remix) 4:17
Y’alimamy (Chief Boima Remix) 5:30

A collaboration between Sierra Leonean kondi (thumb piano) player Sorie Kondi and US producer / DJ Chief Boima, who himself has Sierra Leonean roots.

The project was spawned after Boima happened upon an online video of one of Sorie’s original tracks. “Sorie Kondi is a blind musician with a will to thrive like no person I have met before,” explains Boima. “My work with him began with a YouTube link. I spotted the video for his track ‘Without Money No Family’ and was struck by his beautiful vocals and socially-conscious lyrics. These incredible melodies he was playing on his namesake thumb piano (the kondi) sealed the deal: I immediately decided to remix it.”

The resulting bootleg remix started appearing in DJ playlists and led to coverage by The Fader magazine. As a result, Sorie’s manager in Freetown reached out to Boima and, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Sorie travelled to America for the first time for a five date tour. During the trip he and Boima worked on new recordings which will form the nucleus of the debut Kondi Band album ‘Belle Wahalah’ this Autumn.

“This project forges a direct link between techno born in the black cities of the American Mid-West, where I grew up, and roots African music,” Boima continues. “Sorie Kondi may be playing an acoustic folk instrument from Sierra Leone, but he thinks about music as if he were a techno producer. The dance-friendly pulse of his cajon drum, the spiraling melody lines from the thumb piano and his incredible vocals hold it all together.” It’s acoustic dance music that creates a sound as full and dynamic as any club track and, through Boima’s intricate production, the album subtly and skillfully integrates contemporary electronic sounds, keeping the simplicity and space in Sorie’s music.

The first EP from the project is built around Sorie’s personal and uncompromising lyrics on ‘Belle Wahalah’, a song that uses belly pain as a metaphor for poverty, hunger and lack of financial opportunity. Mixes come from South London-based producer Hagan and the “father of Ancestral Soul”, Boddhi Satva. The release also features another simmering Kondi band original, ‘Yeanoh (Powe Handa Blingabe)’ which translates as ‘what’s up / what’s occurring’?

The project is the culmination of several years’ work by Boima producing and promoting original new music for groups such as Afro-Panamanian rap duo Los Rakas and his partnership with DJ Oro11 Banana Clipz, alongside official remixes for Afrikan Boy, Sinkane, and El Guincho among others. As a DJ, he has played worldwide, performing at events including The Red Bull Music Academy New York, The Lincoln Center Outdoors and SXSW. He has also delivered lectures on youth culture and politics at Harvard, the EMP and Yale, started his own culture platform INTL BLK, he runs the Brooklyn-based label and DJ collective Dutty Artz and edits the blog ‘Africa Is A Country’.



2017, Strut Records - a division of K7 Music GmbH

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