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Kanaku y El Tigre
Quema Quema Quema

Kanaku y El Tigre 'Quema Quema Quema'

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‘Quema Quema Quema’ (‘Burn Burn Burn’ in Spanish) is the product of two years honing the Kanaku sound at the band’s Lima studio. The result is a record feverish in its intensity which screams with joy and cries for help in the same breath.

Featuring ten songs including two sung in English, ‘Quema Quema Quema’ is led by the tortured, impassioned vocals of lead singer Nico Saba but the musical relationship between Nico and Bruno is key. “With the new album, we have focused consistently on the melody and the song despite a multi-instrumental approach,” explains Bruno. “We have always shared this process of dreaming up ideas - we both bring light and darkness into the room and use each other as creative mirrors.”

Their strong musical partnership stems from the ‘90s, when, in their early teens, they were kicking the dust together in a punk band in downtown Lima. Now in their late twenties and both now bilingual having lived for periods in the UK and the States, their sound owes much to western music forms. Despite being very different characters with near opposite tastes in music, as life-long friends, they see the fruits of their creative partnership as a mutual appreciation living life charged, intense and always ready to ‘Burn, Burn, Burn’. 



Released June 15, 2015
2015, Strut Records - a division of K7 Music GmbH

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