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Track Listing

A1 Juanita Euka - Alma Seca
A2 Juanita Euka - Mboko Moko
A3 Juanita Euka - For All It's Worth
A4 Juanita Euka - Sueños De Libertad

B2 Juanita Euka - Baño De Oro
B3 Juanita Euka - Na Lingi
B4 Juanita Euka - Motema
B5 Juanita Euka - Blood
1. Juanita Euka - Alma Seca
2. Juanita Euka - Mboko Moko
3. Juanita Euka - For All It's Worth
4. Juanita Euka - Sueños De Libertad
5. Juanita Euka - Baño De Oro
6. Juanita Euka - Na Lingi
7. Juanita Euka - Motema
8. Juanita Euka - Blood
Juanita Euka is a familiar face to many from London’s vibrant live music scene over the last decade. Juanita has fronted London Afrobeat Collective’s dynamic live shows, the fusions and cross-pollinations of Animanz and maverick Cuban collective Wara. As a solo artist, she broke through in early 2020, performing her single ‘Alma Seca’ in series 3 of blockbuster series Killing Eve.

Originally from DR Congo and brought up in Buenos Aires, Juanita’s upbringing involved many different musical influences, not least her uncle, Congolese rumba giant Franco Luambo Makiadi. “In Argentina, I listened to a wide range of styles from African-American artists to Dominican stars like Juan Luis Guerra, the Congolese greats like my uncle and Papa Wemba and various artists from Argentina including Mercedes Sosa. Some of my main inspirations were (and still are) international Afro-Cuban artists like Celia Cruz and La Lupe.” Moving to the UK aged 14, she joined Afro-Peruvian band Malambo and immersed herself in London’s own sounds, from Soul to Jazz to Funk.

With her new album Mabanzo (meaning ‘Thoughts’), Juanita brings together her many and varied musical influences into play and pulls no lyrical punches. Killer dancefloor single ‘Nalingi Mobali Te’ is pure contemporary Congolese guitar gold, ‘Mboka Moka’ channels ‘80s boogie and Quincy horn stylings on an anthem for personal struggle and ‘Baño de Oro’ brings a heavy Afro-Cuban workout. Elsewhere, the epic ballad ‘Sueños de Libertad’ is an impassioned call for freedom and the lilting ‘For All It’s Worth’ champions love over materialism. Recorded entirely at home studios during lockdown, the album was painstakingly constructed by producer Greg Sanders with all musicians recorded remotely. “I have always written songs and poems since I was young,” reflects Euka. “I met Greg, a multi-instrumentalist and producer, while I was in Wara and we started the journey towards a solo project. Greg has that knowledge and vision of different sounds and it is the perfect way to celebrate my music journey. I have tried to bring all of the musical heritage that I have experienced into my album.”



released March 25, 2022

Juanita Euka: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Greg Sanders: Guitars, Bass Guitars, Keys, Synths, Programming
Sara Farina: Bass Guitar
Tom Herbert: Upright Bass
Chris Williams, Leo Richardsdon, Sam Rapley: Saxophones
Eliane Correa: Keys
Will Fry, Ernesto Marichales, Leandro Mancini-Olivos, Richard Olatunde Baker, Lya Reis Guerruero: Percussion
Flora Curzon: Violin
Kareem Dayes: Cello
Fabio De Oliveira, Ben Assiter, George Bird: Drumkit
Graeme Flowers: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Kieran McLeod, Landy Diaz: Trombone
Jonathan Whitten: Hammered Dulcimer

All tracks arranged & produced by Greg Sanders
All tracks mixed by Lester Salmins
Recorded in home studios during lockdown, March – September 2020

Mastering and vinyl cut by Matt Colton at Metropolis

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