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Arthur's Landing
Arthur's Landing

Arthur's Landing 'Arthur's Landing'

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Track Listing

A1 Your Motion Says 7:36
A2 You Can't Go Back 4:00
A3 Singing Tractors 64 3:57

B1 Miracle 2 6:30
B2 This Is How We Walk On The Moon: The Way Things Happen 5:59
B3 Bobby 3:39

C1 Love Dancing 6:34
C2 Singing Tractors 12 4:24
C3 It's A Boy 5:47

D1 I'll Be Fencing 5:11
D2 I Want To Change My Life 8:30
D3 Singing Tractors 323 2:41
Your Motion Says 07:36
Miracle 2 07:12
Singing Tractors 64 04:04
You Can't Go Back 04:03
Love Dancing 06:01
Bobby 03:26
Singing Tractors 12 03:52
It's A Boy 05:19
I'll Be Fencing 05:12
This Is How We Walk On The Moon: The Way Things Happen 06:01
I Want To Change My Life 08:33
Singing Tractors 323 02:30
Singing Tractors 73 03:10

Original musicians that worked with maverick New York singer / songwriter / cellist Arthur Russell reunite for a new studio album re-interpreting their own selection of Russell songs including ‘Your Motion Says’ and ‘I’ll Be Fencing’.



Released January 1, 2011
2011, Strut Records - a division of K7 Music GmbH

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